Aquamark v2.26

  • Aquamark v2.26 kommt....
    In die neue Version wurden unter anderem einige Sicherheits-Updates eingebunden.

    Wichtig ist:
    Ab dem 1. September zählen nur noch Submissions die mit dieser Version gemacht wurden!!!
    Wer also noch BackUp-Scores hat, sollte diese innerhalb der nächsten 2 Wochen hochladen!

    Hier das Changelog der Version 2.26:

    • [ADD] Basic system info displayed into main window. WMI service must be ON.
    • [ADD] Multiple cores affinity (up to 64).
    • [ADD] Norwegian Translation (thanks Maximous)
    • [ADD] User can select benchmark settings between Manual and Auto. Use manual for old cards/IGP.
    • [FIX] Improved security.
    • [FIX] Logo's alpha channel didn't work on older cards displaying a black background.
    • [FIX] Save and Open CPUZ/GPUZ buttons will not be shown if benchmark was aborted.
    • [REM] Removed 'Submit online' button until it works better.
    • [REM] VC Redis will no longer be installed on 6.x systems as it's not needed.
    • [UPD] Improved translations in RO/IT/FR.
    • [UPD] Installer will let you install on 98/ME but there is no guarantee it will work.
    • [UPD] GUI Redesigned to allow more information and future skins.

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